Accessible Travel Tips – Traveling with a Disability or Health Condition Author: Disabled World Published: Jul 01, 2010 (Revised: Nov 04, 2011) Abstract: List of accessible travel tips to make your journey easier if you have a disability or health condition. Document Detail: Most people don’t face any problems when they travel, but it’s possible…

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Cobblestone Barriers

Tips for Traveling with Disabilities

Author: Helen Hecker Published: Dec 24, 2008 (Revised: Jun 12, 2013) Abstract: These disability travel tips and information for the disabled will help make trips tours holidays and vacations a lot easier. Document Detail: If you travel with a disability, handicap, physical limitation, mobility limitation, or developmental disability, have special needs, or use an electric…

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Travel and Medications – Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Routine

Author: American Pharmacists Association Published: Nov 15, 2010 (Revised: Nov 15, 2010) Abstract: Medication use while traveling to ensure the proper usage storage and effectiveness of all medications. Document Detail: As the holiday season approaches, schedules become full of seasonal and familial activities and disruptions to our daily routines become the norm. Our health care…

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