Environmental Control

What is Environmental Control? A system permitting remote control of electronic devices in the immediate surroundings. A person can independently turn lights, radio, and television on and off, answer or initiate phone calls, and unlock a door. Essentially any aspect of the environment can be controlled depending upon the system’s complexity. A hardware or software…

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Alternative Computer Access

Alternative Computer Access Resources Categories: Guides to Adaptive Technologies Transparent Hardware Interfaces Computer Access Software Input Devices/Switches Augmentative Communication Devices Speech Recognition/Voice Controlled Systems Products for the Blind/Visually Impaired Possible Funding Sources/Low Cost Assistive Technology Programs Books to Buy! Other Guides to Adaptive Technologies Abledata Computer Access About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Assistive Devices…

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Mobility Resources

Categories: Power Wheelchairs Manual Wheelchairs All-Terrain Wheelchairs Wheelchair Accessories Scooters Abledata Factsheets Transportation Lifts/Ramps Other Books to Buy Power/Electric Wheelchairs 21st Century Scientific – Power Wheelchair Manufacturer Bruno Independent Living Aids’ Home Page Feather Wheelchairs – Lightweight Motorized Electric Wheelchairs Invacare Rehab Products Group – power and manual wheelchairs Sunrise Medical – Quickie Electric Wheelchairs…

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Caregiver Resources

Support for Caregivers CareGiver.com Caregiving.com – Helpling you help aging relitives Exceptional Parent Magazine – Eparent.com Extended Care Information Network. Lift Caregiving | Simplified Family Caregiver Support, Help and Advice | Caring for Aging Parents National Caregivers Library Family Caregiver Alliance NEWSGROUP: alt.support.disabled.caregivers National Family Caregivers Association National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Today’s Caregiver…

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Service Dogs

Service dogs (and other animals) provide assistance to individuals with a wide range of disabilities. In the broadest sense, they include assistance dogs for people with mobility impairments, hearing dogs, guide dogs for people who are blind, therapy dogs, and dog partners. The sites listed below provide general information about service dogs. Due to space…

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Top-Ten Disability Blogs

Since becoming more serious about my online presence, and blogging regularly, I have come across several high quality websites that cover disability topics very well. In no particular order, I encourage you to visit these sites and connect with the authors of the best disability blogs I have seen. Get Mobilized! http://getmobilized.ca/ Jeff Preston, a…

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Best US Cities for Wheeled Mobility Device Users

Most Livable US Cities for Wheelchair Users Author: Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Published: Jul 26, 2010 (Revised: Jul 26, 2010) Abstract: Seattle, Denver, Chicago Among Top 20 Most Livable U.S. Cities for Wheelchair Users. Detail: Seattle, Denver, Chicago Among Top 20 Most Livable U.S. Cities for Wheelchair Users – Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation…

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Disability Stats

Disabilities in the US Source: U.S. Census Bureau Published: Jul 26, 2011 (Revised: Jul 26, 2011) Abstract: Figures facts and statistics relating to disability in America today supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau. Detail: Census Bureau News – Facts for Features: Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act: July 26. On July 26th 19 years ago,…

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U.S. Disability Statistics of School Age Children

Source: U.S. Census Bureau Published: Nov 17, 2011 (Revised: Jun 14, 2013) Abstract: Examines disability type school enrollment and geographic distribution for school-age children in the United States. Detail: This brief, based on 2010 American Community Survey estimates, examines disability type, school enrollment and geographic distribution for school-age children in the United States. The brief…

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