About Us

hnFlagSixty-million Americans with disabilities plus their dedicated family and professional caregivers are who we care about the most! Each of us with a disability has a story to tell about what it is like to face the challenges associated with contending with their disabilities every day. How or why we are disabled is much less important than simply recognizing that perseverance, knowledge, and a support system makes defying disabilities daily a reality. That is what truly inspires and compels us to want to get involved and join the fight to make a difference. We believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are God-given rights that should not be impeded for any reason. Bottom line? It is a privilege to serve our nation’s veterans and other people with disabilities and their families.

Our Mission

To supercharge veterans’ and others’ abilities through helpful services & products.

Who We Are

By applying real-world experience and veteran-centered evaluation and intervention services, challenges associated with injuries, illnesses, or aging-related concerns are met head-on and overcome. Information gathered during the evaluation process provides a foundation upon which an effective and personalized intervention program is developed. The use of actual hands-on trial situations with demonstration equipment in the home or work environment helps to ensure that appropriate and cost-effective recommendations for additional services or equipment or both can be made.

Why Work With Us?

  • Services are provided anywhere in the State of Michigan with optional distance education and training over the Internet;
  • Access to thousands of products to enable equipment demonstrations and trials to help ensure a best “fit” and decrease the likelihood of technology discontinuance or abandonment;
  • Evaluation of the client’s goals, abilities, and challenges using standardized and customized evaluation protocols and state-of-the-art assessment tools;
  • Electronically prepared evaluation and training reports resulting in streamlined dissemination and easier interpretation of the findings;
  • Ongoing communication with other health care team members, such as case managers, physicians, and therapists, to name a few; and
  • Exploration of, and collaboration with, potential and actual funding sources.
  • Personalized intervention plans that include referrals for follow-up services or assistive technology products or both;
  • Assistance with identifying where to procure the recommended assistive technology and independent living equipment;
  • Able to adapt the recommended equipment or modify intervention plans as the needs of clients change;
  • Education and training programs are delivered in the client’s home, school, workplace, or elsewhere in the community; and
  • Provide both short-term follow-up and long-term follow-along services to ensure that clients’ needs are addressed as they arise.