We are dedicated to providing client- and veteran-centered evaluation and intervention services that promote independent living. It is our passion to help our clients address and overcome challenges they face after an injury, illness, or the aging process. Information gathered during the assessment process creates a solid foundation upon which an effective and personalized intervention plan is developed. We use trial situations with demonstration equipment in the comfort of our clients’ homes to make sure that our recommendations for additional services or equipment or both meet the the unique needs of our veterans and others with disabilities.

Telehealth services are also available and can complement traditional face-to-face services when appropriate! How does telehealth work? Once a computer system is identified and configured in the client’s preferred location, the evaluation, teaching, learning, and ongoing communication take place over a secure connection via the Internet. Many veterans and others with disabilties enjoy having the option to either work face-to-face at home or in the community, over the Internet from a secure location (e.g., at home),  or a combination of options. Either way, it’s all about helping our clients achieve their goals and aspirations in the shortest time possible.